coffee, cigarettes and album updates.

as y’all bloody well should know by now, I’m working on a new album, called TetrAnagrammaTon – A Triptych of Emotion. (Or,  Muffin Comes Alive, as a friend suggested).

seeing that I got up unusually early, I thought, why not fill you inn on some details while I drink my morning coffee and smoke my morning cigarette(s)?

why not, indeed.

so, here’s the aforementioned details.

1. the tracklist.

( I have divided the album into three parts, each one dealing with a specific emotional state.

each part (or pact) contains four tracks.

all titles are anagrams.)

pact i: adefrockedficusmum

i.a: wolfstick uphaneya

i.b: calm ud reskibo pof’t

i.c: sa’aret vïn al’g pjaer mud

i.d:  d’avruk wetsin hoecgo

pact ii: focusvigilmorn

ii.a: raw.·.lide spo’mf j’ubt

ii.b: tsyhl mi’lu bef’w

ii.c: thous wif’ebearc

ii.d: my’neoraq fus’tli

pact iii: forgedmoronrusts

iii.a: th’ur.clam gniske ed’byp

iii.b: runewhip mylitad.·.us

iii.c: xyphalé rötis mw’gn

iii.d: dëâth for’sùk ilm

2. the cover sketch

3.  the line up

participating on the album will be me, myself, I, and an assortment of computer programs, sound recorders, organs (both kinds), stringed instruments, flutes, horns, cassette tapes, gramophones, furniture, highways, obscure movie references, and, of course, large amounts of coffee and alcohol.

I might even bring along a few friends.

4.  questions

if any of you have any questions, post them in the comments section and I will reply. either by updating this post or in a new post.

5. video

I will make a video from one of these tracks. which one remains to be seen.

6. I’m off.

bye now.


the cult


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4 responses to “coffee, cigarettes and album updates.

  1. as always, I will support every release, not in an obssessive kinda way but cause it’s good

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