yuletide traditions.

i’m not very sober at the moment, as i’ve been drinking since noon. I have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner, all vert christmas-y, and always accompanied by beer or aquavit. and we had carlos I brandy for opening presents. (yes, we norwegians open presents on christmas eve. christmas morning is for having beer with a grand breakfast). and this is just one of the traditions i have grown to love.


another is watching three nuts for cinderella at 11am on christmas eve morning, followed by reisen til julestjernen.


yet another tradition is pinnekjøtt for dinner on christmas eve.

And let’s not forget the inclusion of  krampus.


This is just a short list of what I consider traditional on christmas eve.


I’ll leave you with this image, from an old castle in Vincigliata, Italia.




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3 responses to “yuletide traditions.

  1. and God Jul
    have a few for me

  2. full of pathos. the picture, not you. not at the moment, anyhow – at least i hope not. i’m full of chocolates, myself. i quite like chocolates – dad made them himself, from cream and dark chocolate and icing sugar. lovely ❤ i'll bring you some if there are any left.

    ~ your little lady

  3. Der Sleskinatior: I’ve been having a few for you already. You should start to feel tipsy any minute now.

    My little lady: I love you. Bring chocolates!

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