insomnia. cats.

this is the story all about how my night got flipped, turned upside down.
all because of two cats.
rather than tell you about it, i’ll let awful phone pictures taken with strong flash do the telling.

oldest cat asleep by my side just before I fall asleep myself.

youngest cat comes to wash old cat, thus waking me up

feels good, doesn’t it?

and this is how old cat repays young cat

but young cat does not care about being savagely neck-bitten, and continues her washing of old cat

old cat does not approve, and transformes into the fat god cathulhu

a truce is formed

“for the love of tuna, stop being paparazzi on us, you damn human!”


thus ended my sleep cycle for this night.


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4 responses to “insomnia. cats.

  1. We can certainly identify with these shots. Thank-you!

  2. Visits Canada! It’s not so SCARY!!

  3. Roho

    This is why I have our cats trained to sleep with mommy…and I sleep on the couch.

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